“iPhone 15: The best non-Pro phone from Apple ever.”

This iPhone 15 gives you the feeling of a Pro phone, and you’re going to be shocked after reading all the bigger and major updates. The updates pertain to the camera, battery life, design, and much more. “Let’s have a look.”

Desin and Look

Talking about design, the corners become slightly rounder, and on the backhand side, you see a metal back, which has only been seen in Pro versions. The edges of this phone are flat, giving it a premium look.”


Some changes have been seen in the display as well. You can have a dynamic island that you can use for documents or music playback. The size of the display is 6.1″, and still, there is no action button in the iPhone 15, which is only available in the Pro series. You have, as usual, the alert slider. One more thing to note is that it only has a 60Hz refresh rate, which might be considered a downside. However, with 2000 nits brightness, using your phone in sunlight is easily manageable.

Ram and Internal memory

“Talking about its RAM and ROM options, you have the following choices: 128GB storage with 6GB RAM 256GB storage with 6GB RAM 512GB storage with 6GB RAM”

Camera and Resolution

“In the camera department, there is a significant update. Now, you have a 48MP camera lens, a feature previously only seen in the Pro series of iPhones. It seems like Apple is offering some Pro features in the non-Pro phone as well. Returning to the camera settings, you have the options of 12 or 24 MP. However, if you click on Resolution Control and open your camera, on the right-hand side, there is an option called JPEG Max. After selecting this, you can capture 48MP pictures. Additionally, there’s another update: if you take a picture in normal mode, you can easily convert it into portrait mode.”


In terms of colors, you only have the following options: Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink.”

Build and Weight

“It is built with a glass front (Corning-made glass), glass back (Corning-made glass), and an aluminum frame. The weight is similar to the iPhone 14, which is around 171g, but it feels lighter due to modifications in the design.”

Battery and Charging time

“Talking about its battery, you have a 3349mAh capacity, providing around 5.5 to 6 hours of battery life, which is good. You can charge it with a 20W charger using a USB-C cable, and it also supports wireless charging. Another notable feature is reverse charging, allowing you to charge any Apple product with the iPhone 15. However, the downside is that it takes around 30 minutes to charge your phone up to around 50%, which is not ideal.”




In the USB area, you’ll notice a change as there is no Lightning port, as usually seen in Apple products. Instead, you have a USB-C charging option.”