The Asus 8 phone series will blow your mind.

ASUS recently announced their 8 series phone in Las Vegas on Tuesday at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show). As usual, their phone mainly focuses on enhancing the gaming experience. They also mentioned that it has special or numerous AI features that you are going to like. The ASUS Phone 8 series AI features allow us to easily get text or contacts directly from games. Also, the ASUS 8 phone series uses “Stable Diffusion technology,” due to which you are going to make AI wallpapers that give your screen a fabulous look.


DISPLAY: It has a FULL HD 6.7+ AMOLED LTPO display that is going to support a 165Hz refresh rate and 2500 nits brightness.

PROCESSOR: It consists of Snapdragon 8 with 3 chipsets, due to which you can easily play any game at high resolution.

BATTERY: This phone comes with a 5,500 mAh battery, and a 64W charger can be used for fast charging, which is also present inside the box. It also supports 5.0 Quick charging, PD charging, and 15W Qi wireless charging.

CAMERA: It comes with a triple camera and a 50MP Sony IMX890 sensor in support with a 6-axis Hybrid Gimbal Stabilizer, 32MP telephoto lens, due to which you can zoom up to 3X zoom and also 4-in-1 pixel binning and OIS. One more thing, it has a 13MP ultra-wide lens with a 120-degree field of view, which is going to enhance your picture-clicking skills.

IMPROVEMENT: This ASUS Phone 8 series has dynamic improvements compared to the previous one. It includes IP68 certification, a thickness decrease of 15%, and a lighter weight compared to the previous one. It also comes with thinner bezels.

Its starting price is $1099.99, which is around ₹92,000 with 16GB RAM/256GB storage, while another variant of this phone, “ASUS PHONE 8 PRO,” will cost you about $1499.99 (around ₹1,25,000) with 24GB RAM/1TB storage.